Last Call Poker

Last Call PokerThis Alternate Reality Game by 4orty-2wo Entertainment for the release of Activision’s GUN took place over six weeks with the launch of an extensive website, release of videos to advance the story in weekly episodes, and live events. Last Call Poker revolved around the story of a dead uncle and a storied inheritance; the conceit in the website was that the players were dead and information could be garnered by playing cards with the recently dead. The game provided players with opportunities to play poker online, do Favors for the Dead to gain in-game rewards, occasional real world instantiations for them to seek out, tidbits of story, and Tombstone Hold ‘Em, a Texas Hold ‘Em styled game using tombstones to create a winning hand. The game culminated in a live event at the Forever Hollywood Cemetery with over 60 people who sang a capella at Johnny Ramone’s grave. Of all the games I’ve worked on, this one is the one that affected me on a personal level in a way no other game has.