Patricia Pizer

Patricia Pizer
Game Designer & Writer
Game design
Team Building
Exploring and utilizing new technology to create the most immersive game experiences

An Infocom alum and 30+ year veteran of the games industry, Patricia mentored under Steve Meretzky for several years.

Mobile Game Doctor Inc., Raleigh, NC2022-Present

MGD contracts for development work and matches the subcontractor(s) from seasoned game development veterans with the client needs. Involves various types of design such as design audits and narrative design.

Director of Games Research and Fun
Parrot Concepts, LLC, Raleigh, NC2021-Present

Creating a platform for parrot owners to guide them in choosing tablet games created to match their parrots’ unique personalities by combining decades of game development, decades of avian companionship and research, and decades of tech development.

Where's the Fun?, Raleigh, NC2012-2021

Consulting firm performing R&D for game projects. Projects span areas as diverse as using cryptocurrency for UBI to developing a gaming platform for the chronically ill to help make lifestyle changes. Work ranged from creating treatment documents, reviewing/troubleshooting existing designs for clients, managing subcontractors, to original designs.

Creative Director
ZeeGee Games, Orlando, FL2011-2012

Led an inspiring, nurturing, and growing development team to create innovative, interesting gameplay. Mentored designers and artists. Provided space for creators to shine. Involved in every aspect of development.

Exhibitor, Invitational Show
Hammer Museum, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA2011

Created exhibit for UCLA’s Hammer Museum featuring Interactive Game Art. The exhibit featured five different interactive games, demonstrating different aspects of player involvement, from near complete abstraction to intimate involvement.

Adjunct Faculty
USC, Los Angeles, CA2007

Taught upper level course in multiplayer online game design at the Interactive Media Department, part of USC’s prestigious Film School. Provided students insight into the world of online & multiplayer games and crafting interaction experiences.

Sr. Designer, Online, Technical Staff/Game Designer
Disney Interactive Studios (DIS), Glendale, CA Disney Internet Group, VR Studio, Los Angeles CA2004-2009

Designed console complement to the Club Penguin online experience through cross-platform and multiplayer gameplay elements, culminating in the top-selling 2008 Club Penguin DS game. Sole designer of DGamer, Disney Interactive’s Nintendo DS-based online kids’ community initiative. Championed and coordinated the service from inception through launch. Game Designer for VR Studio’s online games, Toontown and Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Created overall gameplay design and specified all comprehensive game systems. Created cooperative social game systems designed to link players together, creating a tighter social fabric and increasing longevity of player engagement.

Lead Designer
4orty2wo Entertainment, Emeryville, CA2005

Lead Designer for Last Call Poker’s online site, an 8-week multifaceted online and real world alternate reality game. Developed and play-tested live events. Designed puzzles, assessed art and web assets, coordinated story and puzzle logistics. Coordinated the multiple aspects of storytelling, including text, videos, and live events.

Senior Design Analyst, MMO Design Consultant
UbiSoft/, Montreal, PQ, Canada2001-2003

Liaison between 3rd party developers and various internal departments to guide developers and help them improve game development through formal review, design of additional systems and teaching best practices. Coordinated, hired, and trained MMO Game Analyst Team. Analyzed intellectual properties and created high level designs for subscription-based massively multiplayer service implementations for Provided design diligence and oversight for MMO projects already in development (Shadowbane and Uru), as well as acquisition of prospective projects.

Creative Director, Sr. Systems Designer
Turbine Entertainment Software, Westwood, MA2000-2001

Supervised the initial creative vision for Asheron’s Call 2 and provided leadership and direction for the product design team. Recruited, trained and managed team of system and content designers and writers. Assumed interim duties of Producer and Associate Producer. Prepared high-concept product proposals for business development and central systems design. Created specifications and content for new game systems for Turbine’s Asheron’s Call live product. Developed and prototyped an integrated content database for the next generation of Turbine products.

Producer/Designer, Quality Assurance Manager
GameFx Technology, Lexington, MA1999-2000

Led a team of nine programmers, artists and designers to develop product prototypes. Built a new QA department: recruited, staffed, trained, equipped the lab, defined processes, and managed relationships with third-party providers.

Design Associate, QA Manager
Boffo Games, Concord, MA1994-1997

Worked with the Creative Director to author interactive screenplay for The Space Bar, developed game ideas, plots and puzzles, designed/wrote game concept papers, and developed GUI designs. Recruited and managed the testing staff, acted as lead tester, and coordinated all outside testing for Boffo’s first title, Hodj ‘n Podj. Designed and maintained QA database, coordinated publisher and external Beta testing, created test plans and schedules. Reviewed 3rd party artwork for accuracy, clarity, and appropriateness.

Quality Assurance Engineer
Infocom, Cambridge, MA1988-1989

Lead Tester on several titles; contributed to design and wrote online hints for complex interactive fiction games. Handled customer support telephone calls, designed customer support materials, coordinated external Beta tests, and wrote end-user documentation. 

M.A., Advertising and Public Relations
Emerson College, Boston, MA1988

Granted first generation Teaching Fellowship. Focus on writing & research applications. Taught Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication and Voice & Articulation.

B.A., English and Philosophy
Macalester College, St. Paul, MN1985

Emphasis on writing, linguistics and communication theory.