Over the course of her career, Patricia’s greatest joy has been building excellent teams and helping them produce their best work by getting out of the way as necessary while supporting their growth and development. Helping people do what they love, encouraging their potential, and lending her own skills alongside them is key. Her passion for game development has kept her in the industry for more than 30 years. She does her research, she learns her team’s strengths and weaknesses, and uses that passion to produce exceptional games.

She is constantly pursuing new tech to solve problems & improve games. Observation, inspiration, and determination are her foundation for success. She believes that fresh perspectives and new techniques are essential in allowing businesses to evolve and grow. In alignment with the industry, her goal is to remain on the cutting-edge of advancements.

Throughout the course of her career, her successes have stemmed from essential skills, including communication and process improvement. Along with her leadership skills, she has cultivated a reputation as a major contributor through innovation and teamwork. A collaborative team player always searching for opportunities to impart valuable insights and get her hands dirty, she is able to facilitate positive change and produce excellent outcomes.