The Space Bar

The Space BarThis critically acclaimed sci-fi comedy places you, Alias Node, in The Thirsty Tentacle, a dive bar that caters to aliens and you are the sole human being. You are searching for a shape-shifting killer and must use a technique of Empathy-Telepathy to question the bar patrons, unravel the mystery, identify the killer, and save your partner. During the course of the game, the player visits several different worlds and re-lives a flashback from the homeworld of each of the patrons you are able to connect with mentally. Ron Cobb, cartoonist and illustrator best known for creating the cantina scene aliens in Star Wars, created the aliens. Working closely with Steve Meretzky to write the game, I also scripted game sections, did design work, ran the QA department, supervised two recording sessions of a 1,000+ page screenplay, created & maintained a database system to track more than 5 hours of audio to be animated and integrated, and myriad other tasks. I’m thrilled that it has been rereleased and can be enjoyed in all its retro glory.

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